Terms & Conditions


“The Club” – Enfield Town FC (ETFC) and/or Enfield Town Youth FC (ETYFC)

“The Board” – Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and The Secretary.

“The Management Committee” – All managers currently running a team.


The property and/or assets of the club shall be vested in The Board. The Board shall have the power to enforce the rules of the club and shall suspend or expel any member deemed guilty of conduct prejudicial to the good name of the club.

The Board will have the power to fill any vacancies arising in its membership between AGMs. The Board shall have the jurisdiction over any matter not provided for in the rules.


The committee shall be formed by all current youth team managers and is a democratic body with each member entitled to one vote (regardless of the number of positions held by an individual). A majority is required for any decision to be carried and in the event of a tied vote the Chairperson will have the casting vote. If the Chair is absent then the Vice-Chair will have the casting vote. If neither are present then a nominee will be elected on the day to act as Chair

A quorum is deemed to be any 10 members of the management committee.

The committee shall be responsible for voting on decisions that will impact on the whole youth section where the Chairperson has asked for a vote to be cast. 

The Chairperson may ask members of the committee to form a disciplinary panel as required and make impartial, informed decisions following matters brought to the attention of the board by one of the clubs’ members. Their decision will be final with no right of appeal.


A member is “a fully paid up player, or a player that has made arrangements for payment of monies due to the club. Also, an individual who is not a player but represents the club in an official capacity having been duly elected at the AGM or by The Board”


Players are responsible for ensuring the club holds the correct personal details for them. Changes to details should besubmitted to their team manager. All team managers should provide the Secretary with a list of players and their details and update any changes as soon as notified. Please see the policy document for how the club will protect your data.

All players, officials, supporters or anyone attending matches with one of the members are expected to behave in a way thatdoes not bring the Club into disrepute. It should be noted that such actions could lead to a ‘whole Club’ Suspension by theFootball Authorities. Any person found to be breaching the above rule will be dealt with by The Board or Disciplinary Committee. Punishments could include expulsion form the club. In the case of a parent being in breach of this rule their son/daughter may be asked to leave the club.


There is an expectation that all members or a representative for them will attend the AGM. A meeting will be deemed official when there are 10 or more participants. Any nominations for office must be sent to the secretary at least 5 days before the meeting with a proposer and seconder named


The rates for annual subscription will be advised by your team manager. These vary dependent upon age, number of training sessions per week and all costs to run the team for the year. A home kit is provided in this fee along with all equipment to train and play.

All subscriptions are broken into 2 payments with the first being due at initial registration. This is usually in June preceding the season starting.

A second and final payment will be due by October 31st.

Failure to comply with this rule will make the player ineligible for selection or training and the player will not be deemed a member of the club until paid.

Exceptionally, where a member is having difficulty raising the fees, a different arrangement can be made. These will be on a case by case basis and will need to be approved by The Board.

All payments should be made directly to the clubs’ bank account and not paid in cash. Should this not be possible please advise your manager who will consult with the board to find an alternative payment method.


All kit items bearing the Enfield Town Badge and any equipment provided, remain the property of the club. These items will need to be returned should the player or manager decide to leave or be asked to leave. Failure to return these items will result in further action, as deemed fair by the committee, to recover any costs incurred in its replacement. Any intentional damage to equipment provided will be chargeable for replacement.


Any sponsorship monies raised by a team or individual, on behalf of a team, will entitle that team to the whole amount donated by the sponsor. This money is to be used only on football related equipment, kit or activities. These funds must be paid into the club account where a separate tally will be kept for the team concerned. No funds are to be used to purchase items directly, without approval from the Board and no cash is to be collected or held by any team. Any parent paying monies into a personal account do so at their own risk.


The club is legally required to purchase insurance cover for all its members. It should be noted that if players require more substantial insurance it is their responsibility to purchase it, this is strongly advised. Copies of our policy are held by the Secretary and can be made available if required.


If any player/member of the Committee feels they are treated unfairly or has a complaint to make about any Clubofficial/member, they should in the first instance, contact the Chair, Vice Chair or Secretary.   If they feel the issue is stillunresolved they are entitled to take their case to the Management Committee.  They will need to provide the Secretarywith written details of their complaint at least one week prior to the next Management Committee meeting to enable copiesto be distributed to all interested parties.  If they wish they may attend this meeting.  If it is found that the person against whom the grievance is made is acting in a way that is counter to club policy, sanctions might include being asked to leave the club.

For more information please email info@enfieldtownyouthfc.co.uk